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In addition to protecting Golden from the risks of river flooding, the Kicking Horse River Dike Improvement Project will transform the riverfront space between Golden’s downtown and the Kicking Horse River, making it a place where residents will come to work, play and connect.

As we kicked off the project with the burying of shallow utilities in Fall 2019, we collected input to understand the community’s values and vision for the future of this area. Feedback was collected through on online feedback form, in-person at the Farmers' Market on Sept. 18 and through a sounding board located in Spirit Square.
This information will help to guide the engineers and landscape architects who are working on the design for beautification of the area in Phase 3 of the project. It is important to note that due to the nature of this area and the project itself, there are a number of challenges and existing constraints that will impact the overall design solution and consequently the nature of the ultimate built form. These include but are not limited to budget, service vehicle access, narrow corridor width, grading, and utility conflicts. 

Based on the feedback provided by residents, preferred design components will be integrated into the plan to achieve community goals to the extent possible.