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Golden works under a joint emergency program between the Town and the CSRD and supports emergencies within the community. That program is active year-round with training scenarios and preparedness exercises to response to emergencies.

In our area, Golden and District Search and Rescue and Golden Fire Rescue are the first responders. In a large scale emergency, the local Emergency Management Program would be activated to support those organizations. In Golden and area, the top identified hazards are interface forest fires, flooding and hazardous material spills.

Emergency Program Coordinator Kyle Hale encourages residents to know the risks and develop their own emergency plan. It is important for people to be prepared to be self sufficient for at least 72 hours in the case of an emergency so that Emergency Services teams can focus on the most vulnerable in the community.

That means having enough food and water to get by without power or tap water, medication if needed and a plan that allows the whole family – including pets – to get to safety if instructed to do so by emergency responders.

The Get Prepared website,, has a wealth of information, checklists and even a printable family emergency kit that you can create online. Check your kit twice a year and re-stock as needed.

For more information on our local Emergency Management Program and emergency preparedness, contact:

Kyle Hale
Golden and Area Emergency Management Program Coordinator 

Phone: 250-344-7473