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In this class, we will explore our range of motion through yoga-style movements. We will incorporate strengthening our core with mat exercises that use breath work. This class is great for people looking to lengthen their muscles, focus on their breathing techniques and try and few fun poses if their ability allows. This class is low impact and is great for people looking to start slow, recover after an injury or wind down after a long week. This class will be set to music. No experience is necessary. IT is recommended that attendees please wear layers and this class will start with stillness and flow into movement.

LIIT – Low Impact Interval Training
Interval training is perfect for a class that has multiple skill levels. Those with beginner and advanced skill levels can equally perform to the best of their abilities because this class is set to a timer. The low-impact exercises are great for anyone who is in recovery, who is a beginner or who prefers not to jump and lift heavy. This class is 60 minutes and includes 15 minutes of stretching at the end of each class.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
This class is designed for those who prefer to really push their boundaries and work to their extreme for 30 minutes straight. This class is meant to work the endurance and fast twitch muscles. It is important to remember that all exercises can be modified, but attendees that are focused expending maximum energy in each class. This class will be a full-body workout that includes a 15-minute stretch period at the end of each class.

Stay tuned for new classes in 2021!