Save our pipes, don’t flush wipes Print Article Font Size
The Town of Golden is reminding residents to properly dispose of all wipes in the garbage. Any and all cleaning wipes, even wipes labeled as flushable, cannot be flushed down the toilet.
“It’s important that these items go in the garbage,” explained Chief Administrative Officer, Jon Wilsgard. “We need to keep our employees safe, and in order to do that we need to keep our sanitary system operationally free of unnecessary blockages.”
Residents should always avoid flushing items such as flushable wipes, paper towels, reinforced paper towels or hygiene related products down the toilet. These items can create serious clogs in the municipal wastewater system. Blockages can cause issues for both residential systems in the form of sewer back-ups at home, as well as create potentially difficult to repair and costly damage to the Town’s wastewater infrastructure systems.
The Town of Golden appreciates the cooperation of residents in helping keep its employees safe while also helping to avoid any unnecessary disruption to wastewater system operations.