Statement from Mayor Ron Oszust – Stay Home. Print Article Font Size
Last week given COVID-19 social distancing considerations, the Government of BC passed legislation permitting local governments to hold council meetings without a public presence during this period of provincial emergency. Council is relieved by this opportunity to continue our responsibilities to you, the citizens of Golden, but is aware it does represent at least a temporary hiatus of what has always been held as a symbol of government transparency - open public meetings.
Council has determined that its scheduled meeting for April 7 will be held as scheduled, but closed to the public for safety reasons. At this meeting, Council will discuss in depth the options we may have for future meetings that can maintain the transparency from your local government that we have all come to expect.As always meeting minutes will be readily posted at In the short-term, we may reduce the number of meetings, and we will postpone topics and decisions that are not financially or legally necessary to ensure business continuity until this time has passed and meetings can again be fully opened to the public.
We have also joined a number of other municipalities and regional districts in BC by officially activating our Emergency Operations Centre to a Level 1. This signifies a readiness to the Province that we are implementing our part of its pandemic plan, and are working with our local medical community in planning for the foreseeable future. We are also augmenting the provincial open burning ban with our own municipal order. This temporary ban has been made to ensure the best possible air quality in light of the respiratory nature of COVID-19.Please respect this order, you can be fined for non-compliance.
And finally, following on the heels of the Prime Minister, I strongly suggest people not travel – stay home – stay in your community. If you need to travel, it should only be for essential purposes. This is not the time to leave your home community. This means it is not the time to travel for pleasure, or for any other reason. It is very irresponsible to be travelling anywhere and possibly spreading the transmission of COVID-19. Each of us has a role to play in bringing an end to this pandemic.
Let’s all do our part. If you’d like to see all of the updates from Town Hall or links for more information and resources, visit
Thank you,
Ron Oszust, Mayor of Golden